About Knoxville

General Information

Knoxville is the central hub of the area. Knoxville is a medium-sized city, with a strong economy. Knoxville is a great place to live in general, due to the diversity and flexibility of the area. There are plenty of lakes, rivers, and parks in the area, and there are many other things to do just a short drive away. In addition, Knoxville has it’s own airport on Alcoa Highway with many commercial flights to major cities all over the United States.


Knoxville’s weather is mainly mild most of the year. Many years Knoxville stays in the 60s and 70s up to December. The cold months range from late December through March, with it warming up in mid to late March. It usually doesn’t start to get hot until around mid-June, which lasts through August and sometimes into mid-to-late September. This makes Knoxville a great area to be outdoors for most of the year.

Lake Living & Boating

Knoxville has a lot to offer boating enthusiasts. The Tennessee River runs through the middle of Knoxville, providing plenty of locations to enjoy boating activities. In addition, areas like Clinton and Loudon have large lakes where you can enjoy quiet fishing and relaxation.


Knoxville has plenty of history to explore, as well as different attractions and places to see. Knoxville was the site of the 1982 World’s Fair. The Sun Sphere, one of Knoxville’s most iconic locations, was built specifically for the World’s Fair.

Things to Do in Knoxville

Depending on what you like to do, you’ll never run out of things to do in Knoxville. You can catch a show at either the Historic Tennessee Theatre or the Bijou Theatre. You can visit the Knoxville Museum of Art, or you can go on a nature walk through Ijams Nature Center. There are several parks throughout the Knoxville area. Ijams is one of them, but mayor Victor Ashe Park and Carl Cowan Park are among others you can visit. Are you a sports fan? You can catch a college football game at Neyland Stadium, or a hockey game with the Ice Bears.


Tennessee River

Holston River

Beaver Creek


Fort Dickerson Quarry

Mead’s Quarry Lake

Melton Hill Lake

Fort Loudon Lake


Ijams Nature Center

Carl Cowan Park

Victor Ashe Park

Lakeshore Park

Adair Park

Sequoyah Park

World’s Fair Park

Fort Dickerson Park

Tyson Park

West Hills Park

Third Creek Park


Knoxville Museum of Art

Sun Sphere

Blount Mansion

Knoxville Zoo

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Star of Knoxville Riverboat

Three Rivers Rambler Train Ride

Things to Do

Tennessee Theatre

Bijou Theatre

Market Square Shops

Ijams Nature Center

James White Fort

Knoxville Symphony Orchestra

West Town Mall

Turkey Creek Shopping Area