Oak Ridge

About Oak Ridge

General Information

Oak Ridge has a rich history. Oak Ridge was the original site for the Manhattan Project during World War II. At that time, the area saw massive expansion, as scientists from all over the country moved to the area to work on the project. Oak Ridge is known for being an area of labortories and science, but for the past few decades, it has grown to a peaceful, quiet community.


Lake Living & Boating

Oak Ridge has it’s own lake and boating space. It shares Melton Hill lake with Clinton and is also along the Clinch River, making it a great spot for boating and fishing.


Oak Ridge, with it’s history, has several interesting museums to explore. The American museum of Science and Energy is a popular spot for those who are interested in Science.

Things to Do in Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge has a great mix of parks and recreational activities, as well as science, technology and learning. Some consider Oak Ridge schools to be some of the best in the area. You can catch a play at Oak Ridge Playhouse, visit the museum of Science and Energy, or grab a canoe and hit the river for some aquatic fun.


Clinch River



Melton Hill Lake


Haw Ridge Park

University of Tennessee Arboretum

Melton Lake Greenway

Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail

Emory Valley Greenway


Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge

The American Museum of Science and Energy

Manhattan Project National Historical Park

Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

Things to Do

Oak Ridge Playhouse

Oak Ridge Art Center